Talking Shondaland

This week we talk Maya’s shitty father, her mayor realization, and apology tour.  We get into the possibility of Andy’s relationship falling apart, her meeting with Meredith Grey, and that mother of a cliffhanger. Also, how Dean treated Vic, Jack’s need for a family, no more Ben & the PRT, Dixon’s being ousted, and much more.

TV Ate My Brain

Karly (Talking Shondaland & TV Ate My Brain) Allegra (TV Ate My Brain & History of Color) are back to discuss of the brilliant second season of the Starz original series VIDA before the premiere of season 3.

TV Ate My Brain

This episode, Allegra and Mariano (TV Ate My Brain) discuss in totality, season 2 of the HBO series The Sopranos, and some revelations that they had forgotten about. Dream sequences, random assassination attempts and some toxic relationships are the name of the game this season. Hope you enjoy the listen.

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