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TALKING SHONDALAND covers Talking Shondalandbthe latest Shonda Rhimes created and produced TV shows, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘Scandal’, ‘How To Get Away With Murder’, etc with our unique brand of insight and humor.

Talking Shondaland

This week we talk about… not getting enough Maya & Carina, Andy & Maya’s friendship being back, Travis breaking our hearts and being the cutest, Miller’s big problem with Sully, George O’Malley is BACK, Jo making some life changes, Bailey’s mother passing of COVID, and so much more.

Talking Shondaland

This week we talk Maya’s shitty father, her mayor realization, and apology tour.  We get into the possibility of Andy’s relationship falling apart, her meeting with Meredith Grey, and that mother of a cliffhanger. Also, how Dean treated Vic, Jack’s need for a family, no more Ben & the PRT, Dixon’s being ousted, and much more.

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