Karly and Allegra discuss their different TV viewing styles as coping mechanisms. They also discuss the joy of superheroes and animated shows.

Best of the Month
Ana: 7:15
I May Destroy You: 12:50
Pan y Circo: 18:41

So Close!
Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich- 25:03

Who/What Wow’d Me
The Umbrella Academy: 31:53
Mavis: 41:15
Remix: 44:20

Too Much TV
The Boys: 50:27
3%: 52:00

Was It Worth The Hype?
She-Ra The Princess of Power: 55:46
Avatar The Last Airbender: 1:06:00 

Question of the Month 1:15:00

Question for NEXT Month 1:17:00

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