Dave (Super Movie Bros podcast) and Lauren recap this week’s The Walking Dead S8x06 entitled “The King, The Widow, and Rick”.

Jesus pleads with Maggie to save the saviors, Carol is trying to snap Ezekiel out of his depression, Rosita and Michonne take a trip to see Negan, Daryl and Tara make a pact to kill Negan, Carl has a life debt with a new friend, and Rick attempts a parlay with Jadus and the Heapsters.
Lauren and Dave also discuss the characters as they continue to develop throughout the season, rate and review the episode, and compare the events of the comics to the events in the show.

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Intro music: The Walking Dead Theme (Synth Rock) by Seph Bentos
Outro music: Stupid Little Prick Named Rick…. (REMASTERED) *Negan Song* by xsoppySofax

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Host, TV ATE MY BRAIN - Dave and Lauren are a newly married couple that love watching movies and TV shows together. Dave has his podcast Super Movie Bros, a podcast he hosts every week. We are both huge fans of The Walking Dead. Both the TV series and the Image comic book.