Peter is joined by Cydney and Shanna (Sign Me Up Podcast) and Devin (Liquor Run Podcast/We Got Five) for a review of 90’s classic Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit! They get into discussions about the Arts in school and how it’s relative to the movie and talk about Rita’s mother issues. If you enjoy the music from the movie, Cydney also breaks out into a few of them!

After the review, Peter had the opportunity to interview Grammy Award Nominated musician/actor RYAN TOBY (formerly of City High) who played Ahmal. He talks about his experience filming the movie, shares stories from off camera and also a brand new single of his titled Icarus! Fans of the movie will not want to miss this! Oh Happy Day..

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Host, PODSTALGIC, WE GOT FIVE & TV ATE MY BRAIN - Peter is a father of three, who in his spare time enjoys being a foodie, listening to music, watching basketball and film/tv. Also a self-proclaimed number one fan of everything Back to the Future. Other podcasts: Original Remake and Back to the Future: The Animated Series Podcast.