It’s Halloween Season! Come join us and countdown October favorites in the weeks leading up to the greatest holiday on the calendar. For Part 3, Bloodbath, Bub and Brett 667 dissect Night of the Demons and Demon Knight.

Hosted By: Bloodbath, Bub and Brett 667: The Neighbor Of The Beast
Written By: Bloodbath, Bub and Brett 667
Edited and Produced By: Bloodbath
Introduction/Interludes/Outro By: The Bride Of Bloodbath
Music By: The Slasher Film Festival Strategy (from the album Psychic Shield) and Night Birds
Artwork Provided By: Bub

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Bloodbath Burdzy

Host - DINER OF DEATH, BLOOD, GUTS, and BLU-RAY, & TV ATE MY BRAIN - Bloodbath Burdzy is the co-writer/producer/co-host of Blood, Guts, and Blu-Ray. A New Jersey native, he is currently transplanted to Virginia Beach, Va. with his wife, daughter and dog/son, Outlaw. He is the vocalist of the band Waiting For Sunset. When not mass consuming horror films and b-movies, he is an avid collector of vinyl records and tapes in the punk/hardcore/post-hardcore/goth subgenres. Bloodbath is a militant vegan and vocal animal rights advocate.