This week we’re back from summer vacation.  We talk what we did this summer, Cynthia’s expanding and single-white-female-ing Karly, talk the books we’re reading, Cynthia’s hates little kids, we announce the winner of our 100th episode contest, recommend cute kid singing video, music & lyric app, Sia new music video, we devastated over the Taylor Swift / Tom Hiddleston breakup, wonder if we’re getting too old for the VMA’s, the hate over a makeup-less Alicia Key’s, Nike gives Serena Williams a well-deserved title, congratulate LeJuan James, pregnancy sex dream and what we watching.

Plus and very useful “Brilliant or Crazy” item, Elmo’s ‘100 Word or Less’ and so much more.

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Stuff We Talked About:

Music: Run In The Night (The Good Lawdz) / CC BY-SA 3.0


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