I recently met this other super awesome podcaster via Facebook name Peter who’s the host of Hydrate Level Four, a father and son movie review podcast, giving you perspectives from two different generations.  It’s a cool show and Peter a cool dude, who also happens to be a That Pop This Life fan, or “Life Popper” as we so affectionally like to call our TPTL fans.

Anyhoo, Peter invited me to be on an episode of his show and asked me to pick the movie. I accepted and choose the charming and heartwarming 2002’s “Raising Victor Vargas” starring Victor Rasuk and Judy Marte.  I thought this coming of age story set in NY’s Lower East Side, about a teenage boy trying to navigate his place in the world as he deals with lovelust, his eccentric family, and the demands of peer pressure, would be great to review with Peter and his 14-year-old son, Pheonix.

Pheonix ended up not being able to be on the podcast with us, but Peter and I had a great discussion about the film and even took a trip to 2002 to look back at the movies and music of that year.

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