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Peter and Mariano review Varsity Blues for its 20th anniversary and discuss the high school football culture and what Mariano thinks about putting food on his body.

TV Ate My Brain

Peter and Tom are joined by guest hosts Allegra and Mariano from History of Color and TV Ate My Brain for a discussion of the first Season of Cobra Kai. After having been released for about 9 months, Allegra and Mariano share their thoughts as newcomers and casual fans of The Karate Kid. 


Peter and Mariano are joined by Allegra from History of Color for a review of Butterfly Effect for its 15th anniversary! They also discuss the complexity of the different timelines and alternate endings.

Talking Shondaland

This week we talk Jeffy Perry coming back to Grey’s, Meredith’s & Thatcher’s closure, Koracick’s vulnerability, Catherine’s big surgery and big moments, Laurel’s possible overreaction, how Nate totally stressed us out, if Miller’s truly innocent, the “new” Tegan, and so much more.

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