Author Karly Beaumont

Karly Beaumont

Host, THAT POP THIS LIFE, TALKING SHONDALAND, TV ATE MY BRAIN, and FOOD BABY - Karly Beaumont is a mom who does it all. She started her career working in theater, on and off stage then translated what she learned there and began making films. Now she’s turning her focus and obsessive media consumption toward the podcasting world.

TV Ate My Brain

Allegra & Mariano (TV Ate My Brain & History of Color), Juwan (TV Ate My Brain: Power & Euphoria) and Karly ((Talking Shondaland & TV Ate My Brain) come together to talk the state on TV in 2019 and their top favorite tv show of the year.

Talking Shondaland

This week we talk Link professing his love to Amelia, how we want to see Christina come back, when are we going to get more about intern “Hellmouth”, Oliver’s very uncharacteristic behavior, who the informant could be, AK’s love life and so much more.

Talking Shondaland

This week we talk the Grey’s Anatomy Vicson nonsense, Amelia & Link’s baby news, all the shenanigans at PacNorth, our How To Get Way With Murder thoughts on Vivian Maddox, show more love to Tegan, speculate about Frank’s wild goose chase in search of Laurel, we have more questions & predictions and so much more. Plus great listener feedback.

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