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Karly Beaumont

Host, THAT POP THIS LIFE, TALKING SHONDALAND, TV ATE MY BRAIN, and FOOD BABY - Karly Beaumont is a mom who does it all. She started her career working in theater, on and off stage then translated what she learned there and began making films. Now she’s turning her focus and obsessive media consumption toward the podcasting world.

Talking Shondaland

Shondaland Thursday! This week we talk Jacks past, dad-to-be Miller, the Maya/Andy conflicts over Maya’s promotion to Captain, Amelia hounding Link, the epic and frustrating moves played by “King & Queen Petty” (Koracick & Catherine), how the show is handling Alex absence, and more. Plus, listener feedback.

Talking Shondaland

This week we back from our illness talking about Pruitt’s meddlesome ways, Ben’s lack of consequences, Maya & Jack’s breakup, Carmac Hayes making Mer nervous, Koracick’s showing his sweet, human side, Schmitt’s beautiful journey of growth, another classic Grey’s dinner party disaster at the Webber/Fox household, and so much more. 

Talking Shondaland

We’re back from the holiday break excited for the 2-hour Station 19/Grey’s Anatomy crossover event.  This week we talk Ben’s at his best, Andy and Sully’s crapfest of a relationship, Maya’s impulsive decision, the state of all the Grey Sloane residents, Teddy and Amelia’s developing BFFdom, Chandra Wilson bringing us to our knees, and so much more.

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