This episode Brodie and Kay are once again joined by Sports, but this time she also joins them in their living room. This week they discuss, For The People: S2E03 “Minimum Continuing Legal Education”, along with:

  • Control as the episodes main theme.
  • Lawyers and their superstitions.
  • Will For The People Be Cancelled?
  • Do we constantly underestimate Seth?
  • What’s up with New Ted anyway?

Brodie on Twitter: @insanityglamour
Sports on Twitter: @sportsfan12921

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Hosts, TALKING SHONDALAND - Kiwi, French Canadian, podcast hosts, and newly married, Kay and Brodie (both teachers by trade) enjoy discussing all things ranging from politics, TV, love, and pain. For The People has been a favorite of theirs since the first trailer, and they are super honored to be able to bring you their opinions of each episode.