Allegra (TV Ate My Brain & History of Color) and Karly (That Pop This Life & Talking Shondaland) are back, this time to talk the first half of season 3 of USA Network’s Queen of the South.

  • S3E2 – “El Colgado”
  • S3E3 – “Reina de Oros”
  • S3E4 – “La Fuerza”
  • S3E5 – “El Juicio”
  • S3E6 – “Los Enamorados”
  • S3E7 – “Reina de Espadas”

This episode the ladies talk Pote’s loyalty and vulnerability, all the James’ B.S., Guero’s demise and place in Teresa’s life, the lack of male/female platonic relationships on TV, Sheriff Jed Mayo, the lameness of Pecas, Devin Finch & the Feds as Teresa’s new threat, Kellyann as a possible ‘wild card’, the frustrating mess of a character that is Isabella, there’s some confusion about Cortez’s motivations, Camila’s crisis of self, the “old school vs new school” nature of the Teresa/Camilla war, predictions for the second half of the season and much more.

Intro: Show clip from S3E4, “Reina de Espadas”
Music by MORODER/SHOCKNE – “Queenpin Theme”

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