This episode goes into why the Silent Parade Protest happened and who organized it. It includes a YouTube clip: which details the reasons for lynching in the United States.
  • Miami Herald online 7/28/17  A Silent Protest Parade in 1917 Set The Stage for Civil Rights Marches
  • 7/28/17  Five Things You Need To Know About The Silent Parade of 1917
  • National Humanities Center online. American in Class: The Making of African American Identity Vol II 1865-1917  The Negro Silent Protest Parade organized by the NAACP Fifth Ave., New York City July 28, 1917
  • 7/17  The East St. Louis Race Riot Left Dozens Dead, Devastating a Community on the Rise.
  • Biography  April 2014.  James Weldon Johnson Civil Rights Activist, Songwriter, Literary Critic, Lawyer, Educator, Poet, Diplomat, Author (1871-1938) 
  • The Bowery Boys: New York City History online  July 2017.  Listening To The Silent Parade of 1917: The Forgotten Civil Rights March.
  • 2017. NAACP Silent Protest Parade, New York City (1917)

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