We are happy to announce the next great Core Temp Arts podcast, HISTORY OF COLOR.  The marvelous Allegra Alvarado, cohost of some of the best TV Ate My Brain tv coverage, brings you this passion project for lovers of history that are looking for more facts about minorities and people of color throughout American history and the world.

History of Color will be a monthly discussion and/or analysis focused on a specific act, group of people or individual and how our culture and way of life has been affected. The goal is to provide an easily digestible discussion and review of non-fiction books, biographical films, documentaries, and news interviews centered around people of color and minorities that have been sidelined in our history education.

History of Color will be a great addition to our ever-growing, diverse roster of podcasts which include Failure to Launch, The Broken Brain, Let’s Chat! with Revill & Friends, Talking Shondland, We Got Five, Advance TV Herstory and much more.

Make sure to subscribe and listen to HISTORY of COLOR everywhere where you’d find all podcasts and always on CoreTempArts.com.


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Karly Beaumont

Host, THAT POP THIS LIFE, TALKING SHONDALAND, TV ATE MY BRAIN, and FOOD BABY - Karly Beaumont is a mom who does it all. She started her career working in theater, on and off stage then translated what she learned there and began making films. Now she’s turning her focus and obsessive media consumption toward the podcasting world.