It’s Barbara Crampton month on Blood, Guts, and Blu-Ray.  We talk about From Beyond and cover the new Alien: Covenant trailer and how the franchise stacks up against the Metallica discography. Lots of Horror news and even more maniacal laughter.

Hosted By: Bloodbath, Bub and Brett 667: The Neighbor Of The Beast
Written By: Bloodbath, Bub and Brett 667
Edited and Produced By: Bloodbath
Introduction/Interludes/Outro By: The Bride Of Bloodbath
Music By: The Slasher Film Festival Strategy (from the album Psychic Shield) and Night Birds
Artwork Provided By: Bub

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Bloodbath Burdzy

Host - DINER OF DEATH, BLOOD, GUTS, and BLU-RAY, & TV ATE MY BRAIN - Bloodbath Burdzy is the co-writer/producer/co-host of Blood, Guts, and Blu-Ray. A New Jersey native, he is currently transplanted to Virginia Beach, Va. with his wife, daughter and dog/son, Outlaw. He is the vocalist of the band Waiting For Sunset. When not mass consuming horror films and b-movies, he is an avid collector of vinyl records and tapes in the punk/hardcore/post-hardcore/goth subgenres. Bloodbath is a militant vegan and vocal animal rights advocate.

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