This installment is at the heart of why this podcast even exists. It’s an incredibly deep dive into a TV series that is just old enough to be considered obscure. China Beach (1988-1991), to its devoted fans, was anything but worthy of obscurity. In fact, the writing and plot lines are so incredibly rich that it’s really quite timeless.

Season 3 spelled out for viewers the everyday dilemmas faced by women performing essential services within the fields of combat. Told through the experience of Season 3 guest star Ricki Lake, “Holly’s Choice” explored morals, ethics, and friendship among both women and men in Viet Nam. Due to the episode’s controversial content, it aired only in Season 3 on ABC and never ran again in syndication. It can only be seen on the DVDs.

In addition to Ricki Lake, actresses Marg Helgenberger and Dana Delaney delivered awesome performances with a script crafted by Carol Flint and Lydia Woodward.

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