This week, Kev sits down and talks to Chris Revill, the host of Let’s Chat with Revill and Friends— it’s an interview/conversational podcast that’s way better than this one! Chris and Kev chat about booking guests, NYCC, and comedy/podcasting in general.

On January 29th, 2017, we’ll be celebrating our one-year podiversary LIVE at Tattooed Mom! Our show (along with an open bar* thanks to SpareMin) starts at 3:00 pm EST, but the celebration starts at 1:00 pm with A Quest for Magic and Steele. Joining us throughout the day is 25 O’Clock Pod, Fully Belly Laughs, and Party of One Podcast. We even have a special drink for the event, the Awesome Bomb!

We’ve launched our Patreon page. Patreon is a service that allows you, the Super Friends, to help support this show. This show will always be free, but with your help, we’re looking to grow this show, which allows me to talk to cool and interesting people, into something beyond the specialness it is now. Thanks in advance if you’re able to support– other great ways of supporting this show– 1) tell a friend! 2) Subscribe and Review on iTurns, that helps bring more eyes on the who, which in turn will allow us to do bigger and cooler things.

All this and more on this weeks edition of Everything is Awesome!

*Open bar is limited to bottles and draft. Open bar will last until the predetermined tab runs out.


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Host, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME - Kev is the co-founder of Crude Humor Studios and That's Entertainment. He also writes, produces, and directs their skits, shorts, and web series, while sharing managing editor duties for That's Entertainment. Kev is the host of the podcast, Everything is Awesome. Over the years, he has also hosted the podcasts Happy Hour with Steel Tip, Creepcast, Happy Hour, The Zombcast, 30 Minute Outsider, The Muff Squad, That's Entertainment, 215th Entertainment Presents: Sounds of Philly, Academic Nerds, and OuaT: The Unofficial Once Upon a Time Podcast (now known as Once Upon a Wine). He is currently working on a novel and screenplay, but most of all, Kev is a dad to two awesome children.

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