Our Favorite Podcast Episodes of 2016


Over the past year and a half, the Core Temp Arts podcast roster has grown from two shows to a full baker’s dozen. This network that we’ve created is composed of podcasts for the true entertainment junkie. From the interview-style shows to pop culture & comedy, to TV, movie & music reviews, the CTA podcasts are chock full of engaging content you could spend hours with.

I’ve asked the talented and very hard-working hosts of all the Core Temp Arts podcasts to pick their favorite episode of 2016 that you could add to your essential podcast queue.

Let’s Chat! with Revill & Friends: Michael Price of F is For Family

Host: Chris Revill

“2016 was a great year for my podcast, I had the opportunity to chat with a guest I had never thought possible, and joined the Core Temp Arts Network (family). The best Let’s Chat! episode for 2016 would have to be the interview with Michael Price a writer, co-producer for ‘The Simpsons’ and co-creator of ‘F is For Family’. Michael was gracious with his time and allowed me to pick his brain about his career in television writing from ‘Ahh! Real Monsters’, ‘The PJs’ and the forgotten ‘Teen Angel’. Getting to chat about ‘The Simpsons’ writers room with one of the writers was a podcast dream come true. This episode also helped Let’s Chat! get a write-up on Splitsider and Huffington post. Michael Price’s episode was the podcast and TV nerd in me dream episode.” [Chris Revill]

TV ATE MY BRAIN: UnREAL – 2×06 “Casualty”

Host: Karly Beaumont & Kay C.

“UnREAL is one of my favorite tv shows, to watch and talk about all day every day. This past summer I did just that. I spent 10 weeks discussing it with Kay (The Seriously Grey’s Podcast) who is perhaps more passionate about UnREAL and its central relationship than I am. I chose our dialogue on season 2 episode 6, “Casualty” because we had a wonderful in-depth conversation about an episode that is representative of the show’s great potential. More importantly, I think it’s when everything gelled for Kay and me who had just met 5 weeks prior. We dove into the show’s family dynamics and fangirled out on a beautiful end sequence – directed by Shiri Appleby – which showcased the pathos of the show’s lead characters, Quinn and Rachel. We dissected the episode for days before I pressed record, in turn making our podcast episode a measured examination of what we both love best about ‘UnREAL’ instead of the crazy rantings of two obsessive fans. Making it a perfect episode in my book.” [Karly Beaumont]

THAT POP THIS LIFE: Episode 86 – A Time Traveling Friend

Host: Karly Beaumont & Cynthia Torres

“2016 was a special year for TPTL. We finally hit 100 episodes, listener interaction grew, we got to work with some pretty awesome podcasters, and the absurdity of the topics reached a new level of greatness. So, I chose “ep. 86 – A Time Traveling Friend” as my favorite of the year because it’s a perfect marriage of all that and more.

This episode was one in a group of Valentine’s Day episodes Cynthia and I do every year mainly about sex, women’s health, etc. However, because this recording landed on Galentine’s Day (a day to celebrate female friendship), we had a touching conversation about the advice we’d give our 12-year-old selves, and in turn had such a good time getting to know some of our female listeners who participated via feedback. We also laughed so much, as we usually do, talking about freaky vs kinky sex and a strange new vibrator and all its possibilities. As a podcast that tackles “pop culture, life and the ridiculousness of it all”, Cynthia and I try our best every week to produce an episode that truly embodied our mission. I am very proud to say that with this episode we succeeded.” [Karly Beaumont]

TV ATE MY BRAIN: Power – 3×08 “Trust Me”

Host: Devin Lamarr & Jamelle R.

“This episode really displays the on-air chemistry between Jamelle and me a.k.a. the dynamic duo. But what takes this episode over the edge is the guest appearance by Moji (TV Movie Mistress). She teams up with Jamelle, and they attempt to handle everything I have to offer. It’s really funny and a great listen.” [Devin Lamarr]


Executive Producer: Michael Sangregorio

“I think that this is our best episode because it’s completely outside of our normal format and it’s also one of the most fun times we had producing an episode. It’s a bit more experimental in nature, has a fun narrative throughout (completely improvised by myself and Rob Dickerson of Drunk Panda), and may be the highest level of audio editing production that I’m personally proud of in regards to previous episodes and set a standard for future episodes. You really do get a sense that we were having fun the entire time we were creating it. Hope you all enjoy it and come back for Season 3 with our brand new ensemble cast performing all new material starting in March. Expect a Christmas special by the end of the year, our traditional Celebrity Endorsements episode in January, and a special “Best of Season 2” in February.” [Micheal Sangregorio]

TV ATE MY BRAIN: Atlanta – 1×06 “Value”

Host: Mariano & Allegra Alvarado

“I think the best episode Allegra and I have done was ‘Atlanta’ S1 E6 “Value”. I feel like we benefited from having a bit of a disagreement, which listening to it again gave me more appreciation for the episode. We also spoke about the treatment of women of color particularly black women when it comes to value. Also, although we have a ways to go, I feel the quality of sound on this episode was slightly better than in past episodes.” [Mariano Alvarado]

WE GOT FIVE – Ep. 50 – Top 5 WGF

Hosts: Peter Veunnasck & Devin Lamar

“Devin and I had no idea what to expect when we decided to partner up and start a podcast together. I did wonder who’d want to listen to a couple of guys run down their top five lists of random topics? It appears many do! Despite the colorful language and the zaniness that is We Got Five, people tune in and enjoy our banter. They say we have “great chemistry” and that we do well with each other. I chose episode 50 “Top 5 WGF” because we decided to list our favorite episodes. It’s also a great episode to start listening to our show with because we shared some of our most memorable clips and sound bites. Check it out and you’ll find yourself catching on to many of our catchphrases! [Peter Veunnasck]

TV ATE MY BRAIN: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life “Winter”

Hosts: Elizabeth Plummer & Dwight Hurst

“The episode “Winter” we covered of the Netflix series ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ was my favorite so far. I felt like we had a lot of fun with it, and were also very fair in our critique. I’d been waiting so long for the return of ‘Gilmore Girls’ that I was overly excited and passionate about covering it, and, I think that really came through in the episode.” [Elizabeth Plummer]

BLOOD, GUTS & BLU-RAY – #017 – Halloween Countdown Pt.3 – Night Of The Demons/Demon Knight

Hosts: Bloodbath, Bub & Brett 667

“The essence and intent of the program are captured in this episode. Here we have two films, both made on relatively low budgets and both polarizing, but Bub, Brett 667 and I were able to use humor and good reasoning to flesh out a worthwhile conversation on each film’s merits and flaws.” [Bloodbath]

TV ATE MY BRAIN: Frequency – 1×07 “Break Break Break” & Susie Lee Interview

Host: Peter Veunnasck

“It was difficult deciding on an episode where I do an abbreviated coverage of a TV show. This one stands out because I also conducted an interview with actress Susie Lee who appeared in episode 1×04 “Bleed Out”. She was delightful to speak with and shared many great stories including how she got the small part on ‘Frequency’.” [Peter Veunnasack]

TALKING SHONDALAND: Episode 42 – Loss of All Composure

Hosts: Karly Beaumont & Nicole Marie

“I chose this episode because as usual, Karly and I had way too much fun watching all the Shondaland TV shows that week, live tweeting and recording our podcast. So much crazy was happening on each of those shows. At this point in the season, we were really enjoying ‘The Catch’, we were shocked by the increasing madness of ‘Scandal’, and were heartbroken by the end of the Japril relationship on ‘Grey’s’. Karly and I have very different approaches to critiquing these shows but at the end of the day as long as we’re helping one another cope with all the TGIT emotions and making each other laugh in the process then it’s all worth it.” [Nicole Marie]

TV ATE MY BRAIN: Insure – 1×05 “Shady as Fuck”

Host: Jamelle B. & Devin Lamarr

“The greatest episode Devin and I did, in my opinion, was ‘Insecure’ 1×05, “Shady as Fuck”. The way he and I play off of each other is amazing, and I love an opportunity to cuss Devin out (all in fun and out of love, of course)! In this episode, I also made a crazy prediction that ended up being the focus of the following episode!” [Jamelle B.]

Amygdala Magazine – Jen Chaney

Host: Dwight Hurst

“Amygdala Magazine gives the opportunity to talk to all kinds of authors, writers, and content creators, but I have to share my interview with Jen Chaney, TV Journalist for Vulture. She talks about writing interesting nonfiction, especially compiling her Oral History of the film Clueless, a book she wrote about the hit film. Jen is a highly talented writer and a great human person, and I enjoy any chance I have to talk with her.” [Dwight Hurst]

GET REEL MOVIES: Episode 13 – Hardcore Henry/The Hateful Eight

Host: Daniel Chadwick-Shubat & Mason Manuel

“This episode is definitely one of the best episodes I had the pleasure to record on Get Reel Movies. It was the first time Mason and I recorded together. This episode was filled with laughter and insightful movie analysis. It’s still one of our highest downloaded episodes to date. Now, GRM is going to a whole new dimension with Mason joining me as a permanent co-host and shifting to focus on one movie per episode as well as interviews with cast and crew involved in the movies we dissect. Lots to look forward to in 2017, but for 2016 the Hardcore Henry/The Hateful Eight discussion is a standout for sure.” [Daniel Chadwick-Shubat]

FAILURE TO LAUNCH: Episode 4 – Clone High

Host: Mitchell Thomson & Molly Sanchez

During our 4th episode, we discussed the failed cartoon show ‘Clone High’ with the very funny and very woke, OJ Patterson. We take a deep dive on race, the male guys, and why we were all such dorks in high school. [Molly Sanchez]

TV ATE MY BRAIN: Westworld – 1×10 “The Bicameral Mind”

Hosts: Mason Manuel & Tim L.

“I went through a bunch of our podcasts and honestly our latest episode on the ‘Westworld’ finale is my favorite. This episode has everything you could possibly want: sex, violence, Tim’s cats… ok maybe not everything but still the best. Our finale marked the first time with our custom opening and it gave us a chance to thank all of our awesome listeners.” [Mason Manuel]

THE BROKEN BRAIN – Ana-Maria Leonte of Star Wars ‘The Force Awakens’ Talking Confidence

Host: Dwight Hurst

“It’s so hard to choose a favorite of 2016, it was a great year for interesting conversations. Ana-Maria Leonte was suggested to me by a friend in common. She was fortunate enough to be cast in a small named part for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’, and came on to talk about her background in acting, political activism, and advocacy for those in need. A great example of the intent of my show, to break our brains around interesting people and cool psychological dynamics.” [Dwight Hurst]


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