Discover with Liz and Dwight how the exciting time-travel story of 11.22.63 finishes up…anti-climactic or very-climactic?

We have some great laughs and some ideas for when we go back in time to rewrite this business once we find our very own rabbit-hole. We know we can change it, shut-up yellow card man! Plus exciting news about our future time-travel storytelling ideas. Let TV eat your brain and blow your mind!

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Host, AMYGDALA MAGAZINE, THE BROKEN BRAIN & TV ATE MY BRAIN - Dwight Hurst is a psychotherapist, writer, humorist, and podcaster. He is the creator of Amygdala Magazine, The Broken Brain Podcast, and the owner of Innovate Mental Health Solutions. He is a comedy enthusiast, pop culture junky, and pretty much a fan of anything that makes him think, laugh, or feel.