So Devin, co-host of CoreTempArts network show We Got Five had been asking me for some time now to be on his other show, which he does with his two cousins, The Liquor Run podcast.  I’ve always been a little hesitant because The Liquor Run or “The LRP” as their fans affectionately call it, is a really fun and funny show, and I don’t consider myself that funny or fun (unless Cynthia is around, then I’m hilarious).  Because Devin is amazing and we’re friends now, I stop being a chicken shit and agreed to being a guest.  Once I finally said yes and recorded the show with Devin, his cousin, and co-host M and another very special guest, my ‘The 100’ buddy Moji, we had a ridiculously good time.

On this LRP episode, we discuss episode 03 – ‘aka It’s Called Whiskey’ of the Netflix show ‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’, talk bed-breaking sex, the horrors of being a lady in a world full of men, find out way too much about Devin and so much more.  Like I said, it’s a fun show, and I’m happy I did it. Enjoy!

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