As a “thank you” to our listeners and all who support That Pop This Life, Talking Shondaland and We Got Five, all the hosts – Karly, Cynthia, Nicole, Peter, and Devin – got together to talk their most memorable, favorite and best things of 2015, and a little behind-the-scenes look all their shows.

This banquet of an episode has everything you like about your favorite CoreTempArts podcasts.  Cynthia’s uncontrollable laughter, Devin singing, Karly’s over explanations, Peter’s Devin impression, just enough of Nicole to remind you she’s there, and everybody offending everyone.

Plus, some special messages from friends, listener feedback, and an exclusive listen at the next great CoreTempArts podcast.

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Host, PODSTALGIC, WE GOT FIVE & TV ATE MY BRAIN - Peter is a father of three, who in his spare time enjoys being a foodie, listening to music, watching basketball and film/tv. Also a self-proclaimed number one fan of everything Back to the Future. Other podcasts: Original Remake and Back to the Future: The Animated Series Podcast.