This week we are discussing the 5th week of the fall 2015 #TGIT – Shondaland Thursday.

We get listener feedback, talk Penny’s awful decisions, how Alex is a great Christina, Owen’s smoking hot sexiness, Lizzy’s wardrobe, Cyrus and Fitz finally may have Karly on their side, we attempt to justify Liv’s actions, we debate the validity of the Bonnie video, our theories are once again revised and so much more.

  • Intro & News: (0:00 – 0:49)
  • S.12 E05: Grey’s Anatomy (0:50 – 45:33)
  • S.05 E05: Scandal  (45:35 – 1:26:53)
  • S.02 E05: How To Get Away with Murder (1:26:56 – END)

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